Fix bugs without asking questions

Get actionable bug reports from your end-users with a single click. All the details are automatically collected for you and sent to a Notion database.

Install in 3 minutes. Free forever.
Requires a Notion account.

«Can you send me a screenshot?»

«Can we get on a quick call?»

«I can't reproduce it»

«I don't understand what happened»

We promise you won't have to ask these questions again.

ReportBug widget makes it easy for your users to report bugs.

Bug reporting widget

One-click bug reporting

Empower your end–users to report detailed bugs, without any technical skill required.

no SDK to install and nothing to download, just add our script tag to your web app (it's only 64 KB).
Mobile-friendly and framework agnostic
works with any frontend framework, server-side rendered app or legacy website.
Free customer support from bugs
let users report bugs directly to who's going to fix them, without forcing them to go through customer support.
ReportBug widget makes it easy for your users to report bugs.

everything you need

Detailed and actionable bug reports

We automatically collect screen recordings, frontend errors, and failed network requests, and transform them into bug reports.

Frontend errors & logs
see console logs and error stack traces, human-readable and explained by ChatGPT.
Failed network requests
inspect network requests, including request headers and response bodies.
Designed for non–technical users
minimalistic UX, large buttons, and special care for your less tech-savvy customers.
ReportBug widget makes it easy for your users to report bugs.

Screen recording included

Replay any issue

Understand what your user experienced before the bug happened, and see exact inputs and error messages with your own eyes.

Replay whole sessions
replay problematic user sessions, and see what your users experienced before, and after they reported a bug.
No software to install
no need to ask the user to install any software or browser extension.
No browser permissions required
forget complex browser screen-sharing dialogs: our native HTML recorder does not need any special permission.

Start in 3 minutes

Install Tracking Code

Add a tiny script tag to your web app. You have probably already done it to add analytics, payment, or cookie banner. It's easy, it takes less than 2 minutes, and it does not slow down your website.

Notion Logo

Connect Notion

Click one button to create a new database in your Notion workspace, and connect it to ReportBug. We will not have access to your Notion workspace, we'll just add bugs to your database.

Stop asking, start fixing!

A ReportBug widget will appear on your app. With one click on the widget, your users can submit actionable bug reports. You'll find all the bugs in your Notion workspace, with all the details needed to fix them.

Get detailed bug reports from your end-users

Fix bugs in seconds with detailed bug reports that include screen recordings, frontend errors, failed network requests, browser versions, and more.